Remember when Happy Gilmore and Bob Barker had an epic rematch?

Happy Gilmore will forever be one of the greatest golf movies of all time. Even 20+ years later, the movie is quoted daily by people who play golf and people who don’t.

One of the best scenes from that entire movie is during the Pepsi Pro-Am, where Happy is partnered with Bob Barker from The Price is Right. The words: “I don’t want a piece of you, I want the whole thing” are etched into the memory of every golf fan.

If you don’t remember the scene, here’s the original clip from the movie:

The price is wrong, bitch!

Few people have seen the rematch that took place 19 years later on Comedy Central. Barker is visited in the hospital by Happy, and has lost none of his game. This was back in 2015 and now Bob Barker is 93 and still kicking it.

Happy had a background in professional hockey, so he clearly had some anger issues and was used to fighting, but what about professional golfers? Do you think they’d be able to handle themselves if a fight blew their way?

Here are the pro golfers you’d want on your side in a fight, and the ones you wouldn’t:

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