Mexican Fan Hatred Of Robben Has Formed A New Religion

Two years ago today, passionate Mexican football fan and twitter extraordinaire, @Josesomor26 tweeted his first ever ‘no era penal’ tweet after Robbens’ dive caused Mexico to be knocked out of the 2014 Brazil World Cup. For every day that has passed since that grave Mexican injustice, ‘no era penal’ (it wasn’t a penalty) has become not only a meme, but a religion.

@Joseomore26 has been tweeting ‘no era penal’ every day for two years, he never wants to forget.

“Surely not every day!?” – Yes, every day. ‘No era penal’ is his life’s passion now.

It was two years ago to this very day, Arjen Robben performed a swan dive so flamboyant, that the football fans, especially Mexican football fans were left rubbing their eyes in disbelief.  The theatrical flop during stoppage time, earned the penalty kick that ousted Mexico from the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and birthed the Mexican religion, focussed by a simple three-word slogan: “no era penal.”

The saint of the Mexican football, @Josesomor26 has written 3,855 tweets in his lifetime, of which at least 730 of them have been directed at the Dutch national team, Mexican national team, and FIFA Twitter accounts.

The Dutch FA’s official account responded once, just after Mexico won the Gold Cup last year, sarcastically congratulating him saying with an ironic ‘era penal’.

If you’re looking for religion that teaches dedication, look no further than the ‘no era penal’:

Here’s today:


The day before yesterday:

I could go on, but I lack the fortitude of mind – I am not worthy. But then again, I lack the inspiration of Robben’s national injustice:

No era penal.

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