3 Reasons Why The Secretary Of Defense’s Return To MLS Is Worth The Hype

Ethan Tait

Tim Howard was the first American to make it big in Europe when he initially made the leap to Manchester United in 2003 and continued his success with 10 years in Merseyside at Everton.

I know other Americans played well before him across the pond, but Timmy Howard was the first to become a star.

A young(er) Tim Howard
A young(er) Tim Howard

His return to the MLS comes at 37 years of age and many will argue that he’s too old, overpaid, and not worth the hype.


A true American hero has returned and he deserves a hero’s welcome.

Here are the reasons why America and the MLS need to be more excited about Howard’s return.

1. He’s a USMNT legend and class keeper


Imagine the Round of 16 matchup against Belgium with Brad Guzan in net; it would have been a blood bath. I’m assuming that he would have produced the same heroics that managed to get Aston Villa relegated.

Thankfully, it was Howard in net and he managed to keep us in that game with 15 class saves that prevented the USMNT from getting destroyed and embarrassed on the world stage.

Unfortunately a few subpar displays for Everton saw him relinquish his spot to Joel Robles, but the man still has fuel and fire in the tank.

2. Timmy plays by no one’s rules but his own


Americans love outlaws and Tim Howard isn’t willing to take shit from anyone. His leadership on the pitch and beautifully crafted beard will stop at nothing to be the best and lead the Rapids to victory.

The MLS leading Rapids will greatly benefit from presence and ticket sales of the former Everton man.

And even Jermaine Jones is happy about the signing.

3. He’s about as American as fireworks and watered down beer on the 4th of July


The man loves his country and his country loves him.

Tim Howard is coming home to where it all started and America needs appreciate his return like an astronaut in 1969.

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