Arsenal fans have started a petition for Wenger

Arsene Wenger’s most fervent supporters, the Arsenal faithful, are planning on starting a petition to have the Frenchman installed as England boss.

It’s the perfect tribute to the ageing, lacking-of-interest-in-football manager once hailed as ‘Le Professeur’ and has a much nicer ring to it than those pesky ‘Wenger Out’ banners that fans frequently wave to get themselves on TV.

Wenger’s the perfect choice for England. Nothing is ever his fault and Roy Hodgson lasted in the job for four years on that basis alone.

In fact, even predating all this speculation, Wenger has already been on the phone to the FA to ask if he’ll still be able to raid the French market for the Three Lions – that doesn’t really seem in the spirit of international football, but that’s the kind of drastic change England need right now.

And, well, let’s face it, French players are generally better than English ones anyway.

Now, there are quite a few good reasons for Wenger to be tempted by the England job; Jamie Vardy won’t be able to reject him and he still won’t have to play Theo Walcott, which will be the ultimate punch in the face to Arsenal’s forgotten winger/striker/nobody really knows where he’s supposed to play.

If nothing else, Wenger will be able to provide hilarious entertainment with his off-field quips and tantrums, just as he has done at Arsenal for two decades.

If England fans want entertainment, even if it probably still means losing to teams like Iceland, then look no further.

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