Sturridge Admits Fury At Not Being Selected For Club Cosmetics Ad

Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge has admitted his outrage at not being selected as a brand ambassador for Nivea’s skincare range – suggesting that the nagging disappointment was a distraction throughout England’s abysmal Euro 2016 campaign.

Sturridge flew home after England’s humiliating exit from Euro 2016 and immediately arranged a meeting with Jurgen Klopp to put the pressing issue to rest. The 26-year-old has previously admitted to spraying his shirts with aftershave before each game and is incensed that his dedication to perfume and cosmetics failed to earn him a place in Nivea’s line up.

“People might think it’s strange, but I like smelling it, so it’s not about what anyone else thinks,”

“Fragrance probably shows people who you are as much as your clothes do.”

Daniel Sturridge, speaking with GQ magazine.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Sturridge explained that he had developed an addiction to rubbing himself with moisturiser and wonders if he passion for the product was too intense for Nivea’s liking:

“I just don’t like my body being dry, I need my skin to feel smooth and moisturised.

“I really like strawberry moisturiser, I don’t think I could live without it”

Daniel Sturridge, speaking with GQ magazine

England’s Euro 2016 may have reeked of complacency, but Sturridge has yet to be deterred in his pursuit of strawberry perfection.

Upon learning that even Jurgen Klopp was now part of Nivea’s campaign, Sturridge opted to revolt against the brand partnership, describing the advertised moisturiser as ‘consumer-level garbage’. The striker has recently contacted a premium-luxury moisturising brand in a bid to become the new face of their product:

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Sturridge hopes that his endorsement of the moisturiser, made from the plant-based stem cells of a rare Swiss Apple and costing $290 per ounce, will serve as a deserving slap in the face of Nivea and the teammates who shunned his cosmetic expertise.

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