WATCH: Nainggolan Scores Rocket Goal Against Wales

Radja Nainggolan scored against Wales in the quarterfinal of the Euro on the hardest shot I’ve ever seen. This thing is a fucking rocket! 

Have you ever seen someone kick a ball that hard in your life?

What are they feeding Radja Nainggolan? Other people’s hearts? Jesus, he crushed that thing!

Even if that goal was worth two, which it should have been, Wales would have still come out on top of Belgium 3-2.

Remember this guy from the Wales-England game?

He probably suffered a full mental break watching Wales beat Belgium.

Good luck to any coach who tries to tell Nainggolan not to shoot from distance for the next decade.

Ask Roberto Carlos – you do it right once, you have a license for the rest of your career to recreate that magic.

Where do you think Nainggolan’s goal ranks on the all-time top 10 hardest shots? Shoutout to Obafemi Martins for making this list, by the way.

Where does Nainggolan’s goal rate among the top 10?

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