WATCH: Buffon shows just why we all love him

Gianluigi Buffon; guys want to be him and girls want to be by his side.

The Juventus ‘keeper is a testament to longevity, loyalty and slick, jet black hair. And although the Italian shot-stopper was sent home, yesterday, after Italy’s amusingly poor penalty shootout defeat to Germany, the veteran goalie has been one of the stars of Euro 2016.

Whether it be for showcasing why he’ll be remembered as one of the finest goalkeepers ever:

Or demonstrating just how dedicated he is to keeping that clean sheet:

Buffon has been an absolute delight in France, and given the level of performances he has turned in, and passionate national anthems war cries he has belted out, you wouldn’t be surprised if he was still between the sticks for the Azzurri in Russia in 2018.

Over the years, he 38-year-old has built up a wonderful rapport with the Italian fans – and the world of football in general – and that is shown by the way the Old Lady No.1 says goodbye to the travelling fans in France.

A man with unbelievable passion and humility; the definition of a class act.


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