WATCH: all of Germany’s penalties being taken at the same time

There was something, almost poetic, about Germany still managing to win on penalties against Italy, despite one of the worst shootouts in recent years.

The Azzurri’s Zaza took the brunt of the social media ‘bantz’, with the striker rather impressively becoming the first player to ever have more steps in the run-up to his penalty in a shootout, than he actually did during the whole game – he was a last-second sub by Antonio Conte.

There aren’t many things football fans unite and agree on, however, the sight of awful penalties, players skying them, slipping over and world-class saves seems to bring about universal glee.

And Saturday night’s regular reminder of how not to take penalties – i.e don’t be a cocky mug like Pelle – especially when you don’t have much to be cocky about – and then go on to turn in the worst penalty of the night, was a satisfying watch.

Despite going through to face France in the semis, Germany’s all-round penalty performance this tournament has been miles short of the usual ruthlessness we expect from the Germans – prior to the amusingly poor shootout against Italy, Germany had only missed two penalties in shootouts. Remarkable.

And we aren’t sure why someone did it – but why do people do a lot of things on the internet – but the video of all of Germany’s penalties being taken at once is bloody entrancing.

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