WATCH: The most outrageous FIFA goal we’ve ever seen

We all think we’ve scored the best goal ever on FIFA. And yeah, I’m sure you have??.

But we genuinely think we may have just seen the most outlandishly, impressive free-kick goal on FIFA ever!

That’s a huge statement, we know. But it’s better than anything David Beckham could do in FIFA 98, Juninho Pernambucano could pull off on FIFA 2003 and Ronaldinho in 2006.

Obviously, that’s because FIFA has come along since you could ran away from the ref in 94?!

It’s the unnecessary shoulder-roll-flick-thingy (that’s its proper name) that really seals the deal for us – helped by the frustratingly poor FIFA programming that sees your players just run past – and through – the guy in possession!

Reckon you’ve scored a better one than the free-kick below? Back yourself and send it in to us!

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