Wenger has the one thing Mourinho wants but will never get

Like those annual family events that you wish weren’t so regular, Jose Mourinho is back in the Premier League.

And the jumped up prick has clearly learnt nothing from a disastrous final few months with Chelsea, which is going to be great for all us non-Manchester United fans.

Eight minutes was all it took for Mourinho to show the world of football that a leopard never changes its spots, and that his two-year (three at most) reign at Old Trafford will be as controversial, distasteful and sour as any of his previous managerial spells.

With the not so sly dig at Arsene Wenger – ? – then followed by criticisms of Louis van Gaal, club captain, Wayne Rooney, and Red Devils legend – who was forced to leave due to Jose – Ryan Giggs, Mourinho showed that nothing will be different from his previously turbulent spells in England’s top flight.

In fairness to Mourinho, though, the comments regarding Wayne Rooney and his short-lived career as a midfielder were spot on:

“He will never be a 6 playing 50 metres from the goal. He will be a 9, a 10, a 9 and a half, but not a six or eight.”

Jose Mourinho

And, he was bang on about Ryan Giggs, with the underlying message basically being ‘Settle down, Giggsy, lad; you may have wanted the United job but you’re years away from being ready. Off you go, son’.

The Wenger dig, though, says a lot about the Jose Mourinho as a man, and as a manager. It gives us an insight into what fuels him and why he is such a miserable, bitter twat.

Mourinho just cannot process or understand why Arsene Wenger, a manager who has not won the Premier League title for 12 years and counting, is still so highly regarded and respected in the game – Le Professeur is currently top of the English FA’s list of Roy Hodgson replacements.

Jose’s angst stems from the fact that since Wenger guided Arsenal to an unbeaten season, he has won three FA Cups, whilst in the same period, Mourinho has won three Premier Leagues, one FA Cup, three League Cups, two Serie A, one La Liga and one Champions League.

Quite the haul.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 16.02.55

What Mourinho fails to realise, though, is that trophies and accolades don’t deliver what he wants; he wants a legacy, he wants to be adored, he wants people to talk about him in the same breathe as they do Sir Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger and Bill Shankly.

Rafael Benitez won the FA Cup and Champions League at Liverpool, Roberto Mancini won the Premier League and FA Cup with Manchester City and Claudio Ranieri has guided Leicester City to a fairy tale title. But none of those managers did – or will – build a legacy.

Mourinho has a shelf life, a cycle that comes to an end once he’s pissed everyone off with his arrogance, rude and disrespectful ways. Three years at Chelsea (first time) and Real Madrid, and then just the two at Porto, Inter Milan and the return to Chelsea.

Mourinho hasn’t left behind a legacy at Porto, just a memorable time he guided them to the Champions League title. Chelsea have been left in disarray, twice. Real Madrid couldn’t wait to get rid of him. At Inter Milan, he left when on a high, when Los Blancos came calling, but another year at the San Siro and they would’ve been packing Mourinho’s bags for him.

For all his trophies, Mourinho will never ever have Wenger’s biggest success; a legacy. And that keeps him awake at night.

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