Jose Mourinho Planning Rooney Renaissance At Manchester United

We’re about to be in a Rooney Renaissance. As dear old Wayne has advanced in age, he’s moved backward on the pitch, both literally and figuratively. But that’s all about to change under incoming Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho.

The Rooney we fell in love with a decade ago – the unintelligible, receding-hairline-having, goalscoring scallywag – is coming back.

[Wayne Rooney] is maybe not a No.9 anymore but, for me, he will never be a No.6. He will never be 50 yards from goal.

Jose Mourinho

With Mourinho at the helm of Manchester United, Wayne Rooney will go back to doing what he does best: scoring goals.

Sure, he’s a good passer. But good passers are a dime a dozen.

I think in football there are many jobs. The hardest to find is the one who puts the ball in the back of the net.

Jose Mourinho

Over the past couple years, Rooney has dropped deeper and deeper in the midfield. The farther back he goes, the fewer goals he scores.

During the 2011-2012 season, he scored 27 goals in the Premier League. Last year he scored 8.

Some of the difference can be chalked up to age – he is 30, after all. Most will agree that a soccer player is in his prime around 27. That being said, he’s not scoring 19 fewer goals just because he’s getting old.

It is normal, at his age, for a player to change a bit but one thing that will never change is the appetite to put the ball in the net.

Jose Mourinho

Rooney does his best work in front of the opponent’s goal, and that’s right where Mourinho’s going to stick him. The 2016 Rooney will be the most productive Wayne we’ve seen in years.

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