Russian Players Suspended Over $250K Champagne Campaign

Russian internationals Aleksandr Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev are in some hot water after a video surfaced that appears to show them ordering $250,000 worth of champagne at a Monaco nightclub after Russia was eliminated from the Euro. 

While the bartenders and hostesses seemed impressed by 500 bottles of $500 champagne, Pavel Mamaev’s employer, Russian club FC Krasnodar, was not.

Mamaev earned himself a spot at the top of the shitlist and on FC Krasnodar’s youth squad.

Currently, footballer Pavel Mamaev is moved to the youth team of FC Krasnodar.

Official statement from FC Krasnodar

Nothing like demoting someone to the youth squad to show them just how you feel about wildin’ on the Gram…

The funny thing is Kokorin and Mamaev didn’t even order the champagne. They were just in the wrong place at the wrong time (or right place at the right time).

Apparently, some rich Russians were balling out at the club, noticed the players from Russias national team, and sent the two footballers bottles as a sign of respect. Cue the Russian national anthem and some gawking club patrons posting the videos to social media and you’ve got the recipe for a Russian shit storm.

Somebody was celebrating their birthday and we were simply there. Naturally, everybody saw the bottles and heard the Russian anthem, but why put all this on us?

Aleksander Kokorin


It’s a whole lotta pocketwatching going on in 2016. These guys can’t help if happy, drunk, rich people send a gang of bottles to their table. Let them ball in peace.

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