Jose’s ‘List Of Academy Players’ Is Yet Another Mourinho Fraud

Desperate to absolve his name and quash his reputation for tarnishing youth talent, Mourinho came prepared for his first Manchester United press conference. But for all the boasting and ‘evidence’ to support his claims, Mourinho’s defence has unravelled like every other fraudulent statement he’s made before.

Combining a potent mixture of anger and self-confidence, Mourinho presented the 49 names he had written down to dispel “the lie” that he was averse to developing players from academies. “You know how many young players I promoted to the first team from academies?” – well, it seemed not even the ‘special one’ was quite sure, as the list later included a further six additions.

It didn’t take long for the list to disintegrate into garbage. It quickly emerged that 23 of the 49 of the players ‘promoted from academies’ by Jose Mourinho made just one appearance under him – 10 of the 49, were lucky enough to manage two games. It’s slightly exaggerating the truth to suggest that these players were ever given a chance in the first team Jose…

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Several of the players on the list never even made their debut’s under Mourinho – one player on the list never even played under Mourinho! Of the 10 names who played fewer than 10 minutes for the Portuguese boss, three of the names – John Swift, Sam Hutchinson and Anthony Grant – only suffered through a single minute each under Mourinho.

For all the rhetoric about “media lies”, the evidence Mourinho presented did nothing but further cement his reputation for neglecting youth talent. Jose Mourinho simply isn’t a good long term investment – there’s a good reason he never stays for more than three years at any club. Every Mourinho side eventually burns out because he simply never develops youth players – irregardless of what his fraudulent lists try to cover up.

You can rely on a 33-year-old Samuel Eto’o, Didier Drogba, Zlatan Ibrahimovic or Diego Milito to win you games in the short-term, but eventually it will catch up to you. Jose walked away from Inter Milan, having exhausted every resource the club had. The club is now as good as dead. Winning one year doesn’t mean the same team will win you things the next season, particularly when you build a squad of ageing players… Mourinho knows this and has always used it to his advantage.

Source: Bazzi
Source: Bazzi


Jose Mourinho is an amazing coach but Manchester United fans shouldn’t for a second expect him to be planning for the club’s long term. His methods almost guarantee immediate success by making the most out of the situation he finds himself in, squeezing everything he can out of his setup and then leaving before it all falls apart.

Jose will win trophies at Old Trafford, just don’t expect youth development to be anywhere near the top of his priorities list – he simply doesn’t care about what happens to the club, two years after he departs with a new haul of medals.

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