Cristiano Ronaldo Will Never Be The G.O.A.T.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s performance against Wales in the semifinal of the Euros was a one man tour de force. He was the spark, the fuel, and the oxygen in Portugal’s second half eruption; he was the decider.

He jumped over all of Wales – the whole pod – to smash the ball in from waaaay up there.

His goal, the game winner, leveled him with Michel Platini at 9 goals for most all time in the Euros. But he will never be the G.O.A.T.

Michael Jordan, the GOAT

Why? Because Michel Platini did it in one tournament. This is Cristiano’s fourth Euro.

Back in ’84, when Platini put France on his back (when he was still one of the good guys), there were only eight teams in the tournament, meaning you had three group stage games, the semis, and the final.

Five games total. Nine goals

What Cristiano Ronaldo’s done over the course of his career at the Euros is impressive. Few players have the durability he does, let alone the skill set. He’s been on top for 13 years. That’s a helluva run, and he’s not done yet.

But nine goals in four tournaments is nothing to write home about. What’s taken Ronaldo 20 games took Platini five.

I don’t want to unfairly criticize Ronaldo. With three goals and three assists, he made a pretty strong MVP case for himself. If he hadn’t gotten hurt in the final…who knows. Silver Boot ain’t bad either, though.

He’s been on fire for over a decade. But Platini burned hotter. If Ronaldo is a candle, ’84 Platini was a rocket engine.


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