Smylie Kaufman has just entered the fantasy of every college student

Smylie Kaufman just made the deal of his life.

He is now being sponsored by the beer Natural Light, better known on the streets as Natty Light. The beer that every college student has lived off of at one point in time.

Kaufman made the announcement via Twitter today in epic fashion.

Apparently his fan-run account, Smylie’s Army, announced it before he did!

So basically Kaufman gets cases of natty light for free, which is every college kid’s dream. Who am I kidding? That’s everyone’s dream. Free beer. Anytime. All the time.

He also posted a pic of him and his natty crew on Instagram, repping some dope patriotic gear. Who else totally wants a natty ice bucket hat?

Business trip with the boys. Thanks for the gear @naturallightbeer. All we do is uber. #nattytime

A photo posted by Smylie Kaufman (@smyliekaufman10) on

Peep the shoutout to Uber in his post. Super smart to promote for a beer company, basically saying not to drink and drive. Thankfully for most college students, there are ways to get around without driving. Whether you’re in college or not, Uber is a great way to get around and Smylie knows it.

One round with Smylie Kaufman and a case of Natty Light, please!

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