Yellow Cards Are Ruining The Beautiful Game

Ethan Tait

Being an American and having no particular attachment to any country in Europe, I enjoy watching good football.

Two countries putting their best on the pitch fighting for victory; it’s beautiful. Minus England at the Euros, they were shit.

As the semifinals have been finished, the best sides were unable to be on display due to yellow card accumulations.

Aaron Ramsey was out for Wales, Pepe out for Portugal, and Mats Hummels out for Germany.

You can’t help but ask, what could have been?

Ramsey was the standout player for Wales at this tournament and his absence in the midfield left Wales to heavily rely on the Welsh Pirlo and Gareth Bale.

On the other side of the tie, Portugal struggled with Bruno Alves, who played Turley in The Longest Yard, at the center back slot.

I can’t say I have some cure-all for the problem because I’m about as puzzled as any football fan, but I do know that this cannot continue at every tournament. It’s not good for the sport or the fans.

I appreciate a yellow card worthy tackle, but I don’t want the level or intensity to drop due to fear of missing out.

We don’t want any FOMO.

FIFA has a lot of smart people that can figure out this problem.

Shit, they convinced us that they were a transparent organization that wasn’t embezzling funds or receiving payments from outside sources.

This will be a walk in the park.

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