Why Cristiano Ronaldo Has The Most Dangerous Jump In Sports

Cristiano Ronaldo might be the best header of the ball we’ve ever seen. His power, technique, and jumping ability are impeccable. When he times his jump right, there’s not a defender alive who can stop him. His skills were on display in all their glory against Wales in the semifinal of the Euro.


He rose above the clouds like LeBron James did when he blocked Steph Curry at the end of Game 7. He hung in the air like a plastic bag swept up by the wind at the beach. And he scored one of the most important goals of his career in stunning fashion to send Portugal through to the finals of the Euro.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

There isn’t another player in world football as dangerous as Cristiano Ronaldo on the end of a cross. There are plenty of good headers of the ball, but none with Ronaldo’s size, power, and poise.

He’s 6’1; even towering center-backs don’t have more than a few inches on him. Combine that with his supreme tactical/spacial awareness and technical prowess and you’ve got the most dangerous jump in soccer.

But is he better than a ski jumper?

Or a base jumper?

Or Bob Burnquist dropping into a jungle halfpipe by jumping off a helicopter?

Whose jump was dopest?

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ski Jumpers

Base Jumpers

Bob Burnquist

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