Guardiola took a lot of sly digs during his first Man City press conference

Who knew press conferences were such a big thing! But it seems that this season they very well could be, with Jose Mourinho’s first as Man United manager, and now Pep Guardiola’s as gaffer of Manchester City gaining a lot of traction.

Mourinho was predictably ‘twatty’ during his press conference. However, Guardiola showed himself to be a well reasoned, insightful and down to earth bloke.

Or did he? Not too many people spotted the hidden messages behind a lot of the former Bayern Munich and Barcelona manager’s comments…

“That’s why I am here. To prove myself and to do that. That’s the reason why I am here.”

Translation: “That should shut you pricks up. I hear all the bullocks: “Oh, he’s only done it with two of the three biggest teams in world football. Is he really that good?!”

“I love to work with young players. Chelsea and Man City have the best academies in the way they play. Working with 9, 10 from 2nd team”

Translation: “Who are the 49 academy prospects? I could name 50 young players Wenger promoted this week.”

“I know Yaya. He did really well with Barcelona. He’s a huge talent.”

Translation: “Part of the reason I took the job was just so I could sell Yaya again.”

“My dream for Vincent Kompany is to be fit. Especially him in the last two years he played not too many games.”

Translation: “I saw Kompany sneeze the other day. He is now out for the season.”

“I learned immediately at Bayern that I had to adapt to the quality of my players. It was completely different to before at Barca.”

Translation: “I just have to accept that Jesus Navas, Fabian Delph and Gael Clichy are wank.”

“I heard last week or 10 days what happened with Sterling. Of course he has a little bit of a problem with money they paid for him but I’m looking forward to working with him and making him a better player.”

Translation: “I heard the other day that is was £50million for Sterling? That can’t be right, surely?!?????????”

“I think Jose said pretty well in his press conference that it’s not about me and him. The top coaches, and Jose is one, help me reach the next level. They made me better. Like Jurgen Klopp at Dortmund too.”

Translation: “Manchester is lucky this year. You’ll see football & anti-football. He’s a joke, a temporary impact manager who Chelsea disowned. He’s in Manchester for me.”

“Klopp was in a two-team league and took Dortmund to the relegation zone. God forbid if I repeat the mistakes of Klopp. He smiles all day but I know he’s hurting inside.”

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