German Messi Must Leave Club To Resurrect Career

Ethan Tait

In 2013, all the major clubs of Europe were keeping tabs on the budding superstar from Dortmund.

Mario Gotze was set to become the next German footballing hero and the German Messi, but all that came to a stumbling halt with his move to Bayern Munich in the summer of 2013.

Gotze was the first of many to make the exodus to Bayern from Dortmund as he was attracted by big money and European glory, but was it the right move?

He had one of the best coaches in the world managing the club, world-class talent to work with day in and day out, so what stunted the growth of one of the most hyped youngsters in the game?

The spotlight. The pressure. His transfer fee.

A multitude of things have gone wrong for the German international, but fortunately for Mario Gotze he is still very young.

He scored the game-winning goal in the World Cup final and was cut some slack for his poor club form. Things need to change.

He needs to leave Munich if he wants to resurrect his career.

He has already rejected the notion of a move to Merseyside to be reunited with Jurgen Klopp because it’s Liverpool and he would rather ride the bench at Bayern

Someone will be willing to take a gamble on the artist formerly known as the German Messi and the real Mario Gotze needs to show up.

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