Young German To Push Legend Out Of Bayern Starting XI

Ethan Tait

With the legendary German right back in the twilight of his career, Germany and Bayern Munich may have found the perfect replacement for Phillip Lahm.

Enter Joshua Kimmich.

Kimmich is a Guardiola buy, but I firmly believe Carlo Ancelotti is happy to have the German international in his side.

He’s young, he’s fast, and his defensive awareness could lead him to take Phillip Lahm’s starting job at outside back.

The versatility of Kimmich has already led him to become a core member of a star studded Bayern team.

Quite frankly, Guardiola has the biggest man crush on the young center back and explicitly expressed his feelings about him.

I love this boy! I like working with players who want to learn and want to keep going. He has the desire, he has passion- he has absolutely everything.

Pep Guardiola

That’s some #MCM bullshit. You’re better than that, Pep.

Kimmich is set for a big contract and his name up in lights. He’s not lazy like Gotze, so he’ll manage to avoid that quick descent to being picked up by China.

Unfortunately, instead of Kimmich, Guardiola will have to be working with Yaya Toure who will most likely be sold within the month.


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