WATCH: The moment all Man United fans will love from Euro 2016 Final

Tell you what, retirement clearly agrees with Sir Alex Ferguson; the Manchester United legend manages to get tickets to every single major event in the world! From Wimbledon to the Euro 2016 Final to, no doubt, the finale of The Great British Bake Off, you can guarantee Fergie will be there.

And who can blame him?! The guy has done his time, built up a deserved reputation as the greatest ever football manager and is now going to enjoy the perks that, that brings – unless you honestly think Fergie is buying tickets off his Facebook friend, Mercedes, who put up a status saying: “Got 2 tics for 2nyts Euro final. Inbx me 4 deets”.

Sir Alex was there to see his finest ever signing, Cristiano Ronaldo, guide his country to Euro 2016 glory. And he did it all from the sidelines, which you can imagine just how proud that made Fergie.

Post-match, Fergie waited like a fangirl to congratulate his former pupil on a success that probably crowns Ronaldo as the greatest ever footballer. And their embrace was like that of a dad overcome with pride at what his son had achieved.

Watch the beautiful moment below, and keep an eye out for Nani – another former Fergie player – have a word or two with Ferguson, like the awkward moment when you wave at someone but they weren’t actually waving at you.

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