Former Tottenham striker reveals how he nearly KILLED Ibrahimovic

Mido, murder and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, those three words together aren’t that surprising when you consider the volatile duo that are involved.

The former Ajax double act are, what we call, renegades of the games; absolute mavericks, do as they please, irrelevant of who they upset and/or piss off.

Football needs these characters, though, and Ibrahimovic’s autobiography was full of stories like the one involving Mido below, proving it’s so much more than an act.

“Mido picked up a pair of scissors and flung them at me. It was completely nuts. The scissors whizzed past my head, straight into the concrete wall and made a crack”

I Am Zlatan

Mido, however, remembers the story slightly differently.

“I was very upset I didn’t start that game,

“When I came on, we were 2-0 down, I think, and I started arguing with Zlatan on the pitch.

“I was shouting at everyone and Zlatan was shouting back at me.

“I had scissors in my hand as I was taking off the wrapping on my ankles – 10 minutes later, I went into the shower and he was sitting at the Jacuzzi.

“We just looked at each other and started laughing. I said to Zlatan: ‘You know that I almost killed you?’ And he said: ‘Yeah, I know.’”


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God, Mido is such an oddball. No doubt we’ve all forgotten, but prior to joining the Lilywhites on loan from AS Roma, Mido was a respected young striker, with many predicting a big future ahead of him. However, weight and attitude problems stifled the former Marseille man.

Luckily for Zlatan – and Manchester United fans – Mido saw sense before plunging a pair of scissors into Ibrahimovic, because the one-time Egyptian international is clearly a man of his word. Here he is getting his barnet chopped on live television after losing a bet that Tottenham Hotspur would pip Leicester City to the Premier League title.

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