Newcastle Has Gone Mad Once Again

Ethan Tait

I’ll be the first to admit, Moussa Sissoko had a brilliant performance for France in the Euro Cup final. He played box to box and thoroughly outplayed his compatriot valued at £100 million.

So, Newcastle immediately put two and two together to arrive at the valuation of Sissoko at £35 million. Are you kidding me?

Newcastle already dicked the footballing world in 2009 when they sold Andy Carroll to Liverpool for the same price, we can’t let this happen again.

Sissoko was playing for his rescue from Championship football. He craves a return to the Premier League, but so much more can be done at £35 million.

He simply isn’t worth it.

I blame the new TV rights deal. Too much money has caused inflation in player costs, especially players like Sadio Mané or the £30 million man for Liverpool.

It’s ridiculous and bad business for all involved.

Granted, the gap has been closed between the elite and the mid table dwellers of the premier league and it makes everything much more interesting. So, I can’t complain.

Honestly, I’m just angry at the stinginess of Le Professeur, Arsene Wenger.

Bottled up anger is the source of this rant.

It’s not you, Newcastle (and TV deal). It’s me.


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