Celtic are a laughing stock; Rodgers has learnt nothing


Former Liverpool boss Brendan ‘Buck’ Rodgers is now working his magic at Celtic Park.

The Northern Irishman sprinkled a little stardust on the pitch at the Victoria Stadium in Gibraltar and watched the Scottish champions go down to the most woeful defeat in their proud history at part-timers Lincoln Red Imps in the  Champions League second qualifying round first-leg.

Doctors always say people with problems have to hit rock bottom before they can bounce back up – and while Scotland’s failure to qualify for the Euro 2016 tournament finals was embarrassing enough, Celtic’s loss thanks to a goal scored by a policeman three minutes into the second-half is the absolute bottom.

It can’t get any worse than this. No, seriously, it can’t.


And for Rodgers to then come out and face the media with quotes like this just makes Scottish football all the more red-faced.

He’s got the chance to put things right in the second-leg in Glasgow, of course, but this defeat ranks up there with some of football’s biggest shocks. Neighbours Rangers are back in the big time this season and while they will have been smirking at the result, it does nothing for Scottish football’s image on the world stage.

Red Imps can’t use their pitch to train on Tuesdays because the local metal detecting club are on it, play in front of an average crowd of 28 and are made up of taxi drivers, labourers and shipping agents.

Aye, you’re not wrong there, Colonel Kurtz. Were you at the game, too?

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