Man United fans talk a big game but they don’t want Mourinho doing this

A bitter, manipulative, deflective and disrespectful bloke; a successful, driven and strong leader. What one is Jose Mourinho? 

Well, if football wasn’t a thing – or, more to the point, we didn’t allow football to be more important than it is – then it would be landslide victory for the people with respect, morals and dignity. However, the beautiful game allows Chelsea fans – and now Manchester United supporters from Essex – to sweep those characteristics under the carpet, if it brings about a relatively full trophy cabinet, for two years.

And, there’s no problem with that, I suppose; I mean, you don’t choose which football club to support based on the manager’s personality, and the way the club conducts itself. You choose based on either geography, family ties or glory.

No matter what every single United fans’ reason is for supporting the most successful English club, ever, the debate over Jose Mourinho’s, at the time, potential appointment was ‘What about his youth policy?’.

Whatever ‘The Manipulative One’ has us try and believe, he has not brought through, nurtured and developed, 49 players – at a stretch you can probably ‘award’ Mourinho with 10 names of players who he brought through, but when I say stretch, I mean a bloody big one. So, would the Red Devils faithful really care if Mourinho undid the only good thing that Louis van Gaal did at Old Trafford, in awarding debuts to – and playing regularly – the likes of Marcus Rashford, Cameron Borthwick-Jackson and Timothy Fosu-Mensah?

The answer is ‘they shouldn’t’. Because there isn’t one elite club in the world that has a proven and successful youth policy. Manchester United fans will bleat on about the ‘Class of ’92’ but the truth is, that bunch of lads were an anomaly, not the norm.

And it’s the same with Fergie’s success, it’s just that when that’s all you’ve known, it seems like the norm. The likes of Giggs, Beckham and Scholes all coming through at the same time and all being world-class – apart Giggs of the aforementioned trio – United and Ferguson got lucky.

Why should Jose try and implement something that so many other top tiers don’t try to? Why should the former Chelsea manager have to persevere with Marcus Rashford because it will make the United fans happy, rather than play world-class talent in Wayne Rooney, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Anthony Martial?

It’s a nice thing to say, it’s a point of view football fans like to attach themselves to ‘Oh, what about the youth?’ but that’s only because they know that, with the way managers are at the top clubs, it means there argument for youth to be played will never be proved wrong.

It’s like me saying ‘Ahh, if only that gym over the road hadn’t closed down, I would’ve gone loads.’ I can’t be proven wrong, because it’s no longer there. However, I know the truth is I never would’ve gone because I’d rather be playing Pokemon Go or watching Breaking Bad through for the nineteenth time whilst eating pizza.

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