Apparently Marijuana is easy to come by on tour, could it help your golf game?

Advocates say it can enhance your game, but should there only be one type of green on the course?

It doesn’t matter where you are, pot smoking will usually raise an eyebrow. The debate on its legality is developing into tangible law change throughout America. According to a recent Pew Research Center survey, 68% of Americans aged 18-35 supported the legalization of Marijuana.That left us wondering, does the sport of golf have any association with the regular pastime of roughly 10% of Americans?


Listed in the PGA’s anti-doping-program manual as an illegal drug and therefore “against the spirit of our sport,” players will be disciplined if 15 nanograms of THC per milliliter appear in their test. That didn’t stop professional Matt Every in 2010, who served a 3 month suspension from the tour and was even arrested for a misdemeanor for suspected possession in an Iowan hotel. The charges were later dropped.

In an interview for the Golf Channel’s morning drive show, Michael Collins commented on the ‘felony’ with gleeful mirth. The former caddie suggested pot smoking was once widespread, especially on the Nationwide tour (now the tour).

“It’s not like I haven’t walked into a porta John and closed the door and went wooo…somebody’s calm now, I might need some cookies and chips myself”, before adding,“I know of guys who have done it on the PGA tour, have you ever been to the Bob Hope?” What stuck out about the interview was Collins’ annoyance at the anchor’s apparent naivete, which seemed to annoy them as much as their overuse of the word ‘marijuana’.

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The Collins interview reminded a conservative sport that chinos and scorecards by no means indicate that young people in golf are irredeemably straightlaced. In an article titled “Golf and Marijuana a Match Made in Heaven”, The High Times- unavailable in all Newstands near you- predictably went on about the benefits of weed on your game. They left the sport with this piece of advice:

“Golf has needed to take the 3-iron out of its butt for a long time. The new laws for recreational marijuana use may have created a way to enjoy all recreations. In the world of mainstream sports, ironically, golf maybe the first place we see it.”

Quite bizarrely, their prediction started to come true. Officials at last year’s US Open in Washington were reported to have been specifically briefed to allow spectators to bring (not smoke) marijuana into the venue. SBNation contributor Brian Floyd quipped, “Marijuana is legal, thus allowed on the grounds, don’t bring a water bottle in, though. You’ll have to throw that away.”

You can’t deny it’s an interesting thought. Alcohol and golf are quite the inevitable pairing these days, so could we ever see a day when a post-round beer just won’t cut it?


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