WATCH: David Luiz has just done the most David Luiz thing ever

David Luiz, if you’re reading this: Please don’t ever change. Ever!

The permanent figure of ridicule still remains the most expensive defender in the history of the beautiful game?.

Why Paris Saint-Germain weren’t deterred by the Brazilian international’s Sideshow Bob hairstyle, calamitous defending or his antics on the pitch…

…is still baffling fans, journalists and fellow pros, the world over. Especially when you see the former Benfica defender’s latest gaffe in a pre-season friendly against West Bromwich Albion – honestly, who decides the pre-season fixtures? They throw up so many random matches.

What’s the most ‘David Luiz’ thing about the own goal? Is it the unnecessary slide? The ball is moving so slow, he could easily just boot it clear. Is it that it goes in off his knee? Or is it the fact that he still keeps on insisting on playing in defence despite clearly being unable to, you know, defend?!

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