Manchester City find embarrassing way to try and improve attendance

For all their wealth, superstars and high profile manager, Manchester City just can’t seem to buy a full house at the Etihad Stadium.

Now, we aren’t talking like they can’t sell out a game against Stoke City, because, to be honest, there isn’t enough money in the world to make me go see the Potters play football. However, the Citizens are struggling to fill their stadium for huge Champions League nights – like the semi-final against Real Madrid.

The lack of bums on seats has become a real issue for the blue half of Manchester, so much so that the Citizens have opted to jump on the latest bandwagon, PokemonGO, in order to tragically beg people to come watch Jesus Navas look petrified in front of goal, Yaya Toure turn up for one-minute every three games and Joe Hart’s arrogance causing him to let another ball slip under him.

Looking forward to the Sky Sports cameras panning the stadium during the Manchester derby, next season, and spotting Ash, Misty and Brock in the front row.

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