Klinsmann Trading NASCAR And Beer For Tea And Crumpets

Ethan Tait

Brexit from the European Union and the Euro Cup has left England in shambles and made them the laughing stock of the continent.

Managerless and afraid, the FA has been lining up prospects and Jurgen Klinsmann’s name is being thought of as a possibility for the position.

Despite his tweets discussing his desire to stay at the helm of the USMNT’s squad, there’s no way he wouldn’t at least consider the prospect of making the jump to the Three Lions.

This would obviously mean that the USMNT would be left to search for another manager right before the start of World Cup qualifying in the fall.

Honestly, losing Klinsmann would be a blow, but it could open up an opportunity for growth as a footballing nation in the making.

The team has stagnated after a rather pitiful Copa America performance and some new blood could propel the US to new heights.

Actually using Darlington Nagbe and Christian Pulisic could produce great results in qualifying, where the US struggles mightily, usually requiring a last-minute scramble to make it out of their decidedly mediocre group.

The US needs someone who is willing to shake things up, bring in a new regime, and demand the best from the team. We can no longer be willing to accept small growth in the footballing sense and the players need to be held accountable for shit performances on the pitch.

On the other end of the spectrum, Klinsmann could prove to be a success for the England squad.

He’s passionate, he’s played the game at the highest level, and he’s not Roy Hodgson.

Too soon?

Besides, the Germans know a thing or two about winning and England needs all the damn help they can get.

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