Juventus And Gonzalo Higuain Agree To 4 Year Deal

Juventus has reached personal terms with Gonzalo Higuan on a four year deal worth $7.7 million per year. The Napoli man has been linked with number of big clubs, but it looks like Juventus will land the Argentine. The only hurdle remaining: his $104 million dollar release clause.

Juventus will attempt to negotiate with Napoli to get that $104 million down to a more palatable number, somewhere between $50 and 75 million.

Higuain had a great season in Serie A last year, scoring 36 goals in 35 league games.


The fact that they’re considering shelling out that kind of coin on a high-profile player like Higuain gives credence to the rumors that midfielder Paul Pogba is headed to Manchester United to play under Jose Mourinho.

Manchester United have indicated they’re willing to pay Pogba’s $130 million release fee, which would give Juventus the cash to go out and get Higuain.

If Higuain does go to Juventus, it’s hard to imagine anyone in Serie A challenging them for the title. They’re doing to the Italian league what Bayern did to the Bundesliga and PSG did to Ligue 1, making it a one-horse race.

It’s cool to have superclubs, but not when the only competition they face is in the Champions League. Parity is a good thing, and right now, the Premier League is the only one of the Big 5 leagues that seems to have it.

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