FIFA confirms Footballer GO set to launch after success of Pokemon GO

Following the huge success of Pokemon GO – a game that has united a world that is on its knees with ‘shitstorm’ after ‘shitstorm’ of upsetting news – FIFA have confirmed that there will be a football-based version of the game launching in time for the highly-anticipated* 2018 World Cup in Russia.

“I was searching for a brown envelope that Sepp Blatter asked me to fetch from under a bench in the city centre of Bern because…well it doesn’t matter why.

“Anyway, I got sidetracked by this pesky Pidgey. And the idea just came to me, what if I could catch a wild Wayne Rooney? I mean, he does look like he’s been raised outside by the Wildlings from Game of Thrones, anyway.”

Gianni Infantino

Although early days for the production of the game, premature rumours suggest that the game will be launched in the UK first. This is due to the fact that poor Brits, Welsh, Scots and Northern Irish folk had to endure nothing but pure torture waiting for the official release whilst the whole world and his dog got to enjoy Pokemon GO before the UK – despite the UK having the highest ratio of Pokemon Trainers in employment in the EU.

Within the game, you’ll by able to catch players past and present, although this will only be for players who made appearances in the top flight of any football league in the world. For example, Nottingham Forest legend Chris Bart-Williams, Arsenal icon Francis Jeffers and West Ham cult hero Samassi Abou, can be found, caught and raised.

Samassi Abou Squirtle Pokemon Go

An early suggestion from this excited CLICKON Soccer Editor over the possibility of Footballer GO becoming a thing, is that’s how you build your Fantasy Football Team. However, knowing my luck, Danny Drinkwaters will be the annoyingly common Rattata, and I’d just end up with seven Drinkwaters, two Tom Cleverleys and a couple of Mario Balotellis.

*Highly-anticipated my arse, but just wasn’t sure if Putin was reading…

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