West Ham humiliated on Twitter by former Premier League club

You can’t get away with anything on social media, especially when it happens within the unforgiving world of ‘Football Twitter’.

And it’s all fun and games – and memes – when it’s not your football club, so if I were a West Ham fan, I’d lie low on social media for awhile, just until another high profile football club’s account makes a gaffe. Which, judging by the usual standards, it will be in about 20 minutes.

An eagle-eyed Crystal Palace fan spotted the ‘monkey over eyes emoji-esque’ error from West Ham’s official account, with the Hammers Social Media Manager mistaking the Irons as the only team that wear claret and blue?.

You can’t blame the person who tweeted it, though; I mean, they must have an unmanageable workload at the moment, writing out all the draft tweets for the ‘well out of their league’ striker bids they’re putting in and, rather cringeworthingly, making public.

“We’re working 24 hours a day, seven days a week to make this happen, and with five bids in for players at the moment, we are hopeful that we can bring you some exciting news soon.”

David Sullivan

The latest public gaffe does just add to the circus that the West Ham are becoming under David Gold and David Sullivan, as the club continues to try and run before it can walk, all because it was handed the keys to the taxpayers’ stadium.

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