BREAKING: N’Golo Kante To Chelsea For $40 Million

Leicester City has sold breakout star N’Golo Kante to Chelsea for $40 million. The French midfielder signed a five year deal pending a physical. Kante went from relative obscurity to superstardom during the course of Leicester City’s fairytale season last year. 

The move is disappointing because we won’t get to see how Leicester City’s title-winning squad stacks up against European competition in the Champions League. No Vardy-Kante-Mahrez vs. Messi-Neymar-Suarez.

It would have been nice if the Leicester boys sat down with Ranieri and the owners and had a chat about how to keep the Dream Team together for one more season. They just achieved the impossible, why not try to ride that wave a little longer?

But long term, Chelsea is probably a safer bet than Leicester City.

You can’t blame Kante for wanting to make the switch. Where would you rather live: Leicester City or London?

In London, Kante can enjoy all the trappings of fame that that being a young, rich celebrity entails. He can’t function like that in Leciester City.

Chelsea is a club that contends for titles year in, year out. It’s hard to imagine Leicester City replicating their success from last year, or even finishing in the top 4.

From Kante’s perspective, he’ll miss out on Champions League ball with Leicester City this year, but play Champions League ball the next four with Chelsea.

All in all, a great move for Kante. A little bit of Leicester City’s magic dies with this move, but such is life.

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