Golfer stabbed in dispute over slow play

This is just next level crazy. The scene: It’s 8.20 pm and 61-year-old Lee Johnson is enjoying a twilight round with his Mrs. They catch up with the foursome in front and were keen to play through – understandable with the light quickly fading in Payson, Utah.

“The man and woman thought that the group was going too slow and wanted to play through, but the group did not want them too.”

KUTV, Salt Lake City

According to Lieutenant Bill Wright with Payson Police, a fight broke out and the club house was called. Cooler heads prevailed and the confrontation was defused, for the time being.

We imagine the fight went something like this video of a golf course brawl that recently went viral.  It didn’t, in fact it was much worse! Around the ninth hole, Johnson and his wife caught up with part of the group and assumed that they could play through. They were told where to go and this is when Johnson pulled a pocket knife and stabbed one person.

He was wrestled to the ground by the other golfer from the group. According to Lieutenant Wright, one man received a small cut and was sent to Mountain View hospital with non life-threatening injuries. Can you imagine this going down in a Mormon town of 18,000 people? Remember Payson is home to the “Onion Days and Salmon Supper events held every August,” so clearly this would have been quite the scandal. 

Payson Utah Temple.
Payson Utah Temple.

Johnson was taken to the Utah County Jail. It’s hard to know what he thought the best case scenario was, maybe he had this in mind..


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