Why The Oliver Giroud – Gonzalo Higuan Deal Is Terrible For Arsenal

Ethan Tait

The rumor mills have churned out the latest news about a possible Higuain deal and it involves a move to the Emirates at the expense of €50 million and a beautiful Frenchman, Olivier Giroud.

Throughout his stay in North London, Giroud has been the butt of many jokes and on the receiving end of much abuse in the media for his lack of goal scoring exploits.

At times it has been warranted. The latter portion of last season is a prime example, as he went without a league goal from January to May.

Giroud was in great form, scoring 12 league goals in the first half of the season, but slowly drifted out of form.

I get it, strikers are supposed to score. That’s understandable. But Olivier Giroud was exposed and without much cover for most of the year, much like his run in with the lingerie model in his pre-game preparations.

The French international had Theo Walcott as support at the number 9 role and we all know Theo couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn if he tried.

No worries though, Wenger is still convinced a Balon d’Or is still on the horizon for the once teenage sensation.

Olivier Giroud was left to lead the line on his own without support and had to weather the storm and the abuse as Wenger continually fails to purchase a world-class striker to pair with him.

Gonzalo Higuain could potentially fill that void for the Gunners.

Despite being absolute shit in an Argentina shirt, his club form has been scintillating over the past 2 seasons at Napoli, especially last season with 36 goals in 35 Serie A games.

It is quite possible that Arsenal are a quality striker, a center back that has more pace than Per Mertesacker, and a Riyad Mahrez away from returning to Premier League glory.

Selling Giroud is not the answer; he could form an unlikely and brilliant partnership with Higuain to propel Wenger and the Gunners to relevancy.

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