How The Paul Pogba Effect Will Transform Manchester United

The Manchester United team were probably too afraid to even mention the subject in front of ex-manager Louis Van Gaal after his comments about hair pulling in the bedroom, but now that Mourinho has bid a record breaking £105million for Paul Pogba, what we all want to know is how much of that is for his hairdresser?

Although the team includes one lost cause – sorry Wayne, and there’s definitely something about Marcos Rojo, the toughest challenge for Pogba’s styling team is going to be Marouane Fellani, who, despite, quite literally grabbing the attention of Van Gaal, seems to have encountered some peroxide problems of his own after giving Big Bird’s barber carte blanche.

With recent signing Zlatan Ibrahimovic joining the Red Devils, let’s hope that the new hairdressers can shave in small print and spell well too, if they are to fit all the letters in his name along the side of Zlatan’s head…

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

So with Mourinho acting as if the transfer of Pogba and his tramlines are already on their way to greet Rooney’s transplant at Old Trafford this season, we want to know how Mourinho will trim back the squad LVG left behind and how his new managerial style is going to work it this year.

Looking forward to seeing who will make the cut – let’s just hope that Marcus Rashford keeps his head.

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