WATCH: Liverpool’s New Goalie Almost Blows It After Cocky Move

It’s safe to say that last season wasn’t the season for Liverpool and it was up to the big man of Anfield, Jurgen Klopp, to make the strong move of replacing the fumbling fingers of fans’ scapegoat Mignolet for a confident, but equally clumsy Loris Karius.

The 22-year-old German national, who tries to make up for lack of experience by a macho show of confidence, possibly pushed himself, as well as his ego, a tad too far whilst trying to act the Mainz man against Wigan in their pre-season meeting. Let’s take a look at this tribute to his predecessor in Karius’ first Mignolet moment for Liverpool:

It was probably the only moment of the match that got the usually animated Klopp up out of his seat to watch the £4.5million he just wasted on Mignolet’s long lost cousin.

Looks like he will make for entertaining viewing this season!

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