Ronaldinho Shows Up At Indian Futsal Game, Scores 5 Goals

Ethan Tait

Growing up, Ronaldinho was the man. His dazzling displays of skill on the Joga Bonito videos inspired me to try new juggling tricks and learn to enjoy the beautiful game.

He embarrassed the best defenders in the world with his dribbling and he did it with his trademark smile.

You simply couldn’t hate him, no matter how many times he dribbled through your favorite team’s backline.

The man received a standing ovation at the Santiago Bernabeu in a Barcelona jersey and no one hates Barcelona more than a Madridista.

This past weekend, R10 produced another magical display in the Indian Premier Futsal League. I know it isn’t as glorious as the Champions League or La Liga, but to see the legend showcase his technical abilities once again is truly magisterial.

Maybe if drugs, partying, and women didn’t distract the former Balon d’Or winner, we could still see this brilliance on a regular basis.

But as you can see, he seems pretty happy with his decisions.

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