Liverpool’s Season Is A Disaster And It Hasn’t Even Started

Jurgen Klopp might just be the best thing since sliced bread, but it’s going to take a whole lot more than that to turn Liverpool around.

The eccentric German and apparent master tactician has been getting away with the Reds’ ridiculous defending and mediocre results since October, because, the wisdom goes, he hasn’t had enough time to sort their squad out.

Now it’s the summer, things are getting serious.

Liverpool’s problem – well, one of the many, actually – is that their squad has been neglected for years.

Rafa Benitez wasn’t the problem, and yet he had to go. Brendan Rodgers was a bit more of a problem, but he still didn’t have much to work with.

And so it continues, with Klopp finally allowed to make his mark.

In scouse-speak, that means picking a few average players from around Europe, watching them struggle in mid-table, and then repeating it all over again in the next transfer window.

Beginning at the back, Simon Mignolet is being replaced by Loris Karius, who started his Liverpool career by ‘doing a Mignolet’.

Add a ludicrously priced striker in Sadio Mane and the club is on course for another top-eight finish. They do love a bit of tradition on Merseyside.

In some circles, admittedly only ones occupied by slightly deluded Liverpool fans, Klopp is being tipped to get them back challenging for the title.

The issue is very little has changed.

The club still has no money. The squad is still pretty mediocre. The only positive is that Philippe Coutinho doesn’t seem to have clocked any of this and is prepared to spend another season as the big fish in a small pond, blissfully unaware that the water’s completely stagnant.

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