Premier League To Give Red Cards For Players Caught Swearing At Ref

The Premier League and FA are rolling out new rules governing what how players act on the field because player conduct in the¬†league has reached “unacceptable levels”.

The biggest change: swearing at the ref will get you tossed immediately.

English football authorities have noticed over the past four seasons that intolerable behaviour by players and managers in their competitions have reached unacceptable levels in certain areas.

Official statement from Premier League

Heckling the ref is one of the hallowed traditions of the beautiful game. But you’ve got to do it with class. With poise. You can’t surround the ref like a pack of hungry dogs. That’s not cool.

I can totally understand why the refs approached the Premier League/FA and said something had to change.

Source: Premier League
Source: Premier League

A ref shouldn’t fear for his safety while on the pitch. Unless he makes a really bad call. Just kidding. Hopefully these new rules will reign in some of the more unsavory behavior that has become commonplace in the Premier League.

You can’t get rid of swearing on the field – that’s a God-given right. But it is reasonable to ask players not to swear AT the ref. By the same token, no more running up on the ref like you’re about to jump him.

But if the players are to be civilized, the refs should behave, too.

No more getting suckered into giving penalty kicks and cards by the thesbians masquerading as soccer players. No more allowing the winning team to waste the last 15 minutes of the game without consequence.

Refs have to be protected, but so does the spirit of the game.

What should happen if a player tells the ref his call was “bullshit”?


Yellow Card

Red Card

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