Jamie Vardy Threatens To Retire Over Rule Change

Leicester City’s Jamie Vardy is up in arms about the Premier League’s decision to make swearing at the ref a red cardable offense, going so far as to threaten retirement over what he calls “criminalizing normal behavior.”

vardy pointing at ref
“You’ve got to let him know.” — Jamie Vardy

Vardy, whose journey from factory worker to football superstar has been well documented, is proud of his blue collar roots.

vardy middle finger
Jamie Vardy salutes the crowd

He’s vowed to stand up for the little guy in the fight against “elitist executives” and political correctness.

Vardy says wearing suits makes him "nervous"
Vardy says wearing suits makes him “nervous”

Where I’m from, you fuckin’ swear. And I’ll never forget where I’m from. This whole thing is ridiculous. They want us to act like schoolboys; it’s unnatural.

Jamie Vardy

Vardy says he has already reached out to the Premier League to try and get some clarity on the rule change.

I had my cousin, who’s also my lawyer, write a letter to the league this morning. Really tore into ’em about this.

Jamie Vardy

If he doesn’t hear back before the seasons starts, he says he’s prepared to escalate the situation.

I’ve reached out to a few of my mates around the league. We all agree, if they don’t fix this, we’ll take action.

I’m asking all players who care about our sport to walk off the field in the fifth minute on January 11th, my 30th birthday.

Fifth minute for the Big 5: fuck, shit, ass, bitch, cunt.

So far, the reception has been amazing.

Jamie Vardy

It sounds crazy, but it just might work. After all, it worked for Ricky:

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