Worst Ref Ever? Piece of Cake: Mark Clattenburg

It’s safe to say that a piece of Battenberg shows its true colours almost as often as Mark does. With Clattenburg some how managing to clock up on average 3.5 yellow cards a game, it was brought to our attention that he is possibly the worst referee in footballing history.

He certainly needs to get his eyes tested after his latest epic mistake at the final of Euro 16, when he some how managed to mistake the hand of Eder for that of Koscielny, presenting Portugal – coincidently playing in one of his favourite colours – a free kick and Koscielny with his other favourite colour and his name in the naughty book.

Take a look; it’s pretty obvious whose hand is whose:

If it was a one-off we might let it go, Mark, but time and time again you award pointless freekicks, penalties and cards. Our bet is that Ronaldo slid a couple of 50s and a piece of Battenberg in that top pocket of yours before kick off…

Let’s have a look at the rest of the evidence:

Mark might be a bit of a tool but he certainly didn’t bring his whole toolkit with him in this game when he forgot his cards all together. He went to present his trusty yellow to find he’d left his best mates on the touchline – top effort!


One of his most famous errors however occurred back in 2007 when Tottenham met Manchester United and Tottenham’s Pedro Mendes smashed the ball over the head of Carroll and into the back of the net, but of course he couldn’t see that… Even after Caroll gives the line man the guiltiest look ever.

One final mention goes to the group of French fans who started this petition to see this wrongun of a referee resign: https://www.change.org/p/uefa-mark-clattenburg-resignation-worst-referee-ever

Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit

The cherry on top for Mark is the new red card rule in place this season. We’re looking forward to a few playerless games. Mark, we trust you as a safe pair of hands (safer than Koscielny’s anyway). Keep up the top job.

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