Growth Of Soccer In U.S. Halted By Republican Party

Ethan Tait

For the most part, the Republican Party and football have stayed out of each other’s way.

They have coexisted knowing that neither has a part in each other’s existence…until now.

The Republicans have offered much comic relief as the Trumps battled plagiarism and Ted Cruz, but someone frustrated me more than Wenger’s transfer policy.

Lou Holtz is your atypical white, old guy that is an American football analyst on ESPN.

At the convention, he revealed that he’s a racist, drunk bastard who hates football.

Respectfully speaking, fuck you, Mr. Holtz.

In his speech, Holtz says,

I don’t want to speak your language, I don’t want to celebrate your holidays, I sure as hell don’t want to cheer for your soccer team!

Lou Holtz

Obviously, the joke’s on you, Lou. America has their own football league, a moderately success national team, and a growing population of football playing youth.

I don’t give a damn that the man is 80 years old; he deserves to be fired from his post at ESPN.

His racial bigotry has no place in the public light and he should be punished accordingly.

Plus, football is only getting more popular in this country by the day and your network covers the World Cup, Euro Cup, and the MLS.

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