Junkyard golf is new on the scene and it’s awesome


Get a load of the coolest (and craziest) golf course you’ll ever find.

Whenever you put an old kettle or a beach umbrella on eBay, you never know where it might end up. Well, it could end up here…

The place is called Junkyard Golf Club, they have 3 locations (London and Skegness with Manchester opening soon) and just one look at the place brings to mind how Tiger Woods’ must have envisioned every 18 holes in the last year.

On the course, you’d have to navigate Jacuzzis, slides, speed boats, Wendy Houses, cows and treadmills in search of “the perfect course” – again according to them.

In their own words, they’re taking golf back to the streets, and the method behind the madness of the courses consists of raiding charity shops, eBay and car boot sales to find just the right kind of junk to put together three nine-hole crazy golf courses of, according to their ‘about us’ page, “weird and twisted junk, car booty and charity shop shizzle.”

After spending weeks searching for anything and everything to use, Junkyard Golf Club will be setting up two new courses in Manchester.

The two new courses, Pablo and Frieda, have been designed and will be accompanied by three new bars. I’m not usually one to entertain hyperbole, but this looks like one of the greatest places on earth. For all of us who consider both playing a few holes of golf and staring into neon lights with a shirt covered in sambuca to be hobbies and pastimes, then this is a place unlike any other.

This is golf for a new generation; this is golf for the clubbing generation. As they say themselves, Junkyard Golf Club is quite simply “Crazy golf, beats, eats and booze.”

Honestly, I mean, what’s not to like? I’m in. No doubt this will be coming to America soon.

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