WATCH: Wayne Rooney tells Ashley Young he’s going to be sold

Wayne Rooney’s England career may well be up in the air after new Three Lions gaffer Sam Allardyce refused to confirm whether or not Roo would remain his captain. But the same can’t be said for the former Everton teenager’s Red Devils career.

‘Maybe he is not a striker, not a No 9 anymore but for me he will never be a No 6, playing 50 metres from the goal.

‘You can tell me his pass is amazing but my pass is also amazing without pressure. To be there and put the ball in the net is the most difficult thing. For me he will be a 9, a 10, a nine and a half but never a 6 or an 8

Jose Mourinho

Clearly a central part of the (not so) ‘Special One’s’ plans, Rooney is still a huge draw for all of the Red Devils fanbase too. Which is a shame for United’s social media output, because the club captain is one bloody uncharismatic and awkward chap.

Tell you what, there’s a lot of credit to be had for a club that cuts the propaganda bullshit on their social media output and gives us fans a bit of a greater insight to our ‘heroes’ and the players a bit more personality.

Like, for example, letting Wayne Rooney and Ashley Young say exactly what they mean rather than giving them a robotic script and trying to make them come across all ‘natural’.

Don’t worry, though, Roo and Ash; we’ve got you covered and picked up the hidden messages within your comments…

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