Cristiano Ronaldo Confirmed As Conor McGregor’s Partner In First Ever UFC Tag Team Match

Cristiano Ronaldo has been confirmed as Conor McGregor’s partner for UFC’s first ever tag team match. UFC was acquired this month by Hollywood mega-agency WME-IMG for around $4 billion dollars, bringing blockbuster crossover promotions like this into the realm of possibility. No official word on who McGregor/Ronaldo will fight or when the bout will take place, but a Floyd Mayweather/Brittney Griner ticket has been floating around.

I will see you for that Forbes number 1 spot next year

Conor McGregor

Great to see you bro!!???

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It sounds crazy, but remember when Karl Malone and Dennis Rodman fought each other in WCW? This is why it’s a federal offense to fuck with The Mailman:

Even The Hulkster don’t want none:

The acquisition of UFC by WME-IMG, one of the biggest players in Hollywood, means the organization has resources available to it that it could have never dreamed of before. Its president, Dana White, has big things planned.

McGregor’s quip about seeing Ronaldo for the Forbes number 1 spot could be an indication that the purse for the tag-team fight could be the largest we’ve ever seen, somewhere north of $100 million dollars.

Ronaldo was this year’s celebrity cash king, taking home $88 million dollars, while McGregor pocketed a paltry $22 million.

The soccer star has been on a champagne campaign since Portugal beat France to win the Euro tournament (soccer’s second most coveted prize after the World Cup). Stops have included parades thrown in his honor:


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And a little one-on-one time to politic with the president of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa:

President ??

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But if he wants to mix it up with McGregor in the octagon, he better learn how to take a hit:

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