Liverpool set to sue Nintendo over Pokemon GO

Jurgen Klopp is clearly not a happy man at the moment, with the Liverpool boss sending Mamadou Sakho back to Anfield in disgrace from the Reds’ US tour and is now considering suing Pokemon GO creators, Nintendo.

Mario Balotelli Pokemon GO

The Reds could be threatening legal action due to the company’s failure to integrate Anfield and its surrounding areas into the complex Pokémon Go GPS system

Klopp’s players have been complaining about their inability to compete with their team-mates on international duty due to the lack of Pokemon around the Merseyside area.

“Dani Alves is unbearable, at the moment. Having cleaned up at Barcelona, he is now at Juventus and will no doubt be close to completing the game, very soon.

“It’s so frustrating when us Samba boys get together; he loves to brag and show off his La Liga titles and CP 33423 Charizard”

Roberto Firmino

Although their enemies are technically fictitious beasts, Liverpool’s anger stems from the fact that they don’t believe they’ve been as widely acknowledged and respected as the clubs they feel they’re on a level with.

Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United and even Leicester City and Blackburn Rovers have, the Reds believe, been given greater respect.

“We are the biggest club in the world.

“We are now at a stage where we don’t need players like Joe Allen and Martin Skrtel, even though they’d walk into Barcelona’s side. Therefore, Nintendo’s ignorance towards us is basically slander.”

Club spokesman

Rumours suggest that Liverpool’s main argument centres around their inability to catch any of the Pokemon below:

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