New York Red Bulls: Major League Soccer’s Jekyll And Hyde

Ethan Tait

New York is red following a brilliant performance by the Red Bulls against NYCFC, which leaves me even more confused by the Eastern Conference in MLS, especially the NYRB.

With the win against their city rivals, the NYRB are now only two points behind the Eastern Conference leading NYCFC.

NYRB manager Jesse Marsch was poetic in his post game interview when speaking of his team.

I believe in things that are real and I look at this team and I know that it’s real.

Jesse Marsch

Quite frankly, I have no idea what the hell Marsch is actually trying to say.

When I look at his team, I see a squad that can’t manage to do anything away from home and can’t tell whether or not they’re an actual contender.

1-7-3 on the road is nothing to be proud of, Jesse.

The likelihood of the Red Bulls lifting of the MLS Cup with such poor form is very slim and my personal bias of being an LA Galaxy fan will always greatly impact my view of every other team in the league.

Then again, maybe this is the turning point for the Red Bulls and they’ll go on to make me eat my words and look like a complete ass, but I’ll take my chances.

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