Seattle Sounders Fire Coach Sigi Schmid

The Seattle Sounders have fired Sigi Schmid at long last. 

Schmid, the winningest coach in MLS history, has been at the helm of the Sounders since their inaugural season in MLS in 2009. He was there for the ups, and more recently the downs.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

The Sounders have been in a nosedive since star forward Obafemi Martins caught a one way on the Money Express to China a few weeks before the season. For an organization that’s been the class of MLS for the better part of a decade, their move to the cellar of the league has been a difficult one.

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Try to imagine moving from a mansion into a dumpster.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was Seattle’s pathetic performance against Kansas City last weekend; a game where Seattle didn’t muster a shot until the 88th minute:

It was, no joke, the worst game I’ve ever seen the Sounders play, and I’ve been watching the Sounders since I was about as tall as one of those three-foot licorice ropes they used to sell at Memorial Stadium.

Don’t get me wrong, the Sounders’ failures are not all Sigi’s fault.

By and large (no pun intended), he’s been good for the Sounders. He delivered seven successful, exciting seasons for the fans. But he never brought home an MLS Cup, the only thing that really counts.

Every year, like clockwork, it seemed, the LA Galaxy would depose of the Sounders early in the playoffs. Those trendy, sun-having bastards.

But the earth is hotter now, and Seattle has sun, too.

And last year, the Sounders finally vanquished the Galaxy in the playoffs, only to fall to Dallas in penalty kicks in the Western Conference semifinals.

And that’s as close to an MLS Cup as Sigi Schmid will ever get in Seattle.

It wasn’t his fault that Oba took the money and ran to China, but it happened under his watch. That was a body blow Sigi and the Sounders never recovered from.

The team’s been on the ropes all season and the Sounders finally threw in the towel by firing Schmid.

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