In Pictures: CLICKON eSports’ NA LCS Spring Split Playoff Predictions

As the NA LCS Spring Split Playoffs approached, the pairings would not be set until the final day of the split. A testament to the parity of the league, the playoffs are likely to bring many surprises and exciting matches. With many of the teams having inconsistent performances over the past few weeks, it is hard to predict for certain who will emerge victorious. 

A key difference for the playoffs is the move to a best of five series. While two games may not appear to be a huge difference, we have seen multiple past series in NA where a team has gone down 2-0 only to storm back and take the series. This also gives an advantage to teams who are able to adapt as a series progresses, and disincentives surprise strategies that may only work for a single game. Teams that struggle in the beginning of series (ahem, TSM) should benefit greatly from the extended series of the playoffs.

Source: lolesports

Looking across the field, an argument can be made for multiple teams claiming the championship. Most of the teams in the field have found success against one another at some point in the split, and if they can recapture that formula, any team could beat the other. While there does seem to be a definite top tier of teams that includes Phoenix1, Cloud9, and TSM, do not be surprised if the surging Team Dignitas or the ever present Counter Logic Gaming make a deep playoff run:

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